Hacking Safe Exam Browser(s), Bypassing VM Detection
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Hacking Safe Exam Browser(s), Bypassing VM Detection

Hey! How are you doing? Welcome to yet another blog documenting my recent technical exploit, which is hacking safe exam browser(s) and giving your online tests under virtual machines! But before starting, let me present to you the old boring warning! All the content I show here is for educational purposes only, I do not…

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Revelations About the Thapar WiFi, and the Utilities Regarding Them! [EACCESS, TU, LC, etc]

Sup fellas! Doing good? Hope so! So finally I have decided to write this article, after procrastinating a lot (Thank you my inner self) and thinking about this a lot. So what is this about? Have you ever used the Thapar Wifi and wondered about the inner workings of this mass deployed wireless infrastructure? Well,…

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Execute Native Binaries Android Q+ (No Root)

The change to block exec() on application data files for targetAPI >= Q is working-as-intended. Please see https://android-review.googlesource.com/c/platform/system/sepolicy/+/804149 for background on this change. Calling exec() on writable application files is a W^X (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/W%5EX) violation and represents an unsafe application practice. Executable code should always be loaded from the application APK. While exec() no longer works…